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    Sorry I’ve been so quiet for a while. I’ve been working on lots of things but none of them were quite at the stage I could show them. It’s also been kind of a weird disrupted time in general, but now things are starting to level out again.

    Anyway, exciting news! I now have a website! I still need to add a few bits to it, but it’s going to be a combination of a portfolio, wordpress blog and shop. I’d been getting a little annoyed about having separate platforms for each of these things, and this means I can have everything in one place and more linked together. It’s also going to make promoting myself a whole bunch easier. You can take a look at pollyfranceselizabeth.com!

    Finally, sadly, I’m going to have to start watermarking my images. I put a lot of effort into creating things and taking pictures which I think people will like. I love that people like and share my stuff, it really makes me very happy, and I know that most people are not out to steal stuff. However I’ve noticed a minority removing my text and self promoting on my pictures. Selling my handmade things is my job, and I can’t afford, in any sense, to have others taking credit for my work. So if a few people are going to promote themselves on my work, I am going to make damn sure they’re promoting me as well, by having my name on the images. This actually put me off posting anything for a long time, but I figure watermarked images are better than no images. 

    I should hopefully be back to posting regularly now, thanks for sticking with me! xxx

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