1. Quilt by Sue Harris. More quilt pictures here.

  2. Quilt by Margot Whitcombe, More quilt pictures here.

  3. "A Glimpse Of The Orient" quilt by Joan Goater. More quilt pictures here.

  4. I made a haul video of cheap things I bought this month, including clothes, shoes, craft supplies, skincare and house plants.

  5. Incredible tiny hexagons quilt by Julie Nelmes, taken at Radstock Museum.

    See more photos from the quilting exhibit here.

  6. Beautiful ferns growing in a pine forest I visited on a walk earlier this summer. More pictures here.


  7. New post up on my blogspot! Nature, forest and sheep :)

  8. These little mushroom brooches are now listed in my EBAY YARD SALE.

  9. Added a couple of handmade skirts to my EBAY YARD SALE.

  10. Hand drawn shrink plastic jewellery available in my Etsy shop.